The Employee of the Month recognition is truly sought after by each employee at PAVE. In awarding this monthly acknowledgment, the executive department looks closely at various different indicators. These allow for continued motivation as we PAVE our way to success! 

October 2020

January 2021

Founded in early October 2020, PAVE is located within the Academy of Finance and Enterprise HS, in Long Island City. Peer Academic Virtual Education is an empowering organization that provides peer to peer instructional videos and educational products that will improve teens' life skills in and out of school.

Composed of 25 strong individuals, PAVE is a functional firm with 7 different departments. Each department is led by a chief who has previous leadership experience, allowing them to manage their teams effectively.  

Faeid Hassan

Chief Social Media Officer

It is impossible to speak about Peer Academic Virtual Education without mentioning Faeid and the body of work he has put together. Inspiring confidence around him, his dedication to PAVE has been nothing short of monumental. A leader to look to, a peer to aspire to, and a friend to confide in, he has truly developed into the full package as a pillar for everything we stand for.

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Employee of Finance

Ella's work as part of the Finance department has been vital to the overall success of PAVE. Always helping out. Always supporting the team. Always motivating us to push through. Her generosity and dedication truly highlighted her work ethic when undoubtedly, she went above and beyond.




Employee of Social Media

Simply stated, PAVE would not be the same without Mayra. Her work ethic, dedication, and inspiration are truly unparalleled. Through hours of design and video making, I got the opportunity to see Mayra at her best, yet I also saw her be put in situations that challenged her. These periods of time truly represent what it means to be "Employee of the Month.




Chief Human Resources Officer

Staying connected as a community during a pandemic is certainly a challenge to everyone looking to be successful. However, I certainly haven't seen anyone be able to combat such a challenge like Samir has done so eloquently. At PAVE, we owe a large majority of our success, not only to Samir, but his department, who always seems ready.

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November 2020

December 2020



Chief of Finance

At PAVE, we know that our department of finance has set a strong foundation for all to come. Naomi is a perfect example of this foundation, as she and everyone in her department work tirelessly to keep us financially secure. From income statements and balance sheets to break evens and cash budgets, Naomi (and the Finance department) have it covered.



Employee of Community

As a benefit corporation, we believe that our department of community is essential to our success. Breaking down the success we have attained up to this point, it is important to recognize the amazing employees that make this possible, with one of the best being Julie!

Her work on monthly newsletters is essential to being able to spread the news about PAVE to our employees, customers, and viewers of our social media accounts. This award recognizes the community department as a whole, but also highlights Julie's dedication, ability, and talent.


February 2021

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